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Welcome to the first site online devoted to Helen Kane, the talented and beautiful Jazz Age singer who went on to become the inspiration for the beloved cartoon character Betty Boop. Helen's fans remember her for her flapper style and wonderfully unique singing voice. I have been a Helen fan for almost ten years, and started this website with the hope that a place on the internet could serve as a point of connection for current-day Helen fans, while at the same time introducing her to a whole new generation.

This area of the site is where I will post news about Helen and let everybody know about changes to the website.

September 22, 2004: It has come to my attention that the most widely-available Helen Kane CD, "The Original Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl," is now out of print. Luckily, a label called Living Era has come to the rescue and released an album titled "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" - just in time for what would have been Helen's 100th birthday! It contains all the tracks from the first CD, plus five additional tracks from later in Helen's career. I haven't purchased this yet, but it sounds like an excellent album to own.

I suggest ordering this album from Venerable Music, a wonderful and reliable website that stocks only music from the era of 78 records.

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